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It's election time again!

by Vanessa "Va-Va" Woodard Byers

Because of recent changes to elections law in Florida, Saturday was the last day of Early Voting in our latest local Special Election. Tuesday, May 24, is Election Day in a cycle reportedly very slow when it comes to voter turnout.

Much of the attention has been focused on the mayoral race however the ballot also includes charter amendments and in some voting districts, a state representative seat in District 110 or a County commission seat in Districts 7 and 13.

There have been the usual election accusations of lies about one candidate by another in campaign materials or robo-calls. This campaign also included assertions of exclusion of non-Spanish speaking candidates from campaign forums and that some of the black candidates were paid to enter the race. Such is politics...politricks.

Our polling shows the top three mayoral candidates: Julio Robaina; Carlos Gimenez and Luther Campbell, in that order. It's really hard to say how the charter amendments will pan out. I really think it was too much too quickly for the voters. Most people really had no clue and either voted all "yes" or all "no" (following Norman Braman).

Barring any unforeseen mayhem and foolishness, Tuesday's vote will likely decide most of the ballot items save for a few run-offs. Don't forget we get to do this dance again for several races in 2012.

I predict that all of the charter amendments will fail and the mayoral race will result in a run-off between Robaina and Gimenez. What say You?

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