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Miami Heat one win away from Eastern Conference victory and Charles Barkley gets dissed

by Ahmad Barrington


Congratulations to the Miami Heat who are one victory away from the NBA Eastern Conference championship and five wins away from the NBA championship. While the Heat Trinity, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, have received the most media coverage, the Heat’s accomplishments in this Eastern Conference Finals are the result of team effort.

The top-rated Chicago Bulls find themselves in an unbelievable position of down by two going into Game 5 in Chicago. It was uncomfortable to watch Derrick Rose so mentally beat down after Game 4. He is absolutely on point that they could have put the game away and the series would be tied right now. The Bulls are a great team but, as we say in Miami, they just need a few more mango seasons. The youth of their bench does not overcome the maturity and experience of the Miami bench. Keeping your head in the game and staying focused help win games.

On a side note, you had to wonder how long Miami Heat fans would wait before retaliating against TNT sports commentator Charles Barkley. Ask a Heat fan and they will tell you that all of the TNT guys are against the Heat with two names popping up most frequently --- Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller. Barkley was most offensive and the Heat fans let him know that in no uncertain terms.

While it seemed as though fans were chanting “Barkley Sucks!” outside the Triple A Sunday evening during the post-game show, they were also chanting “F___ You, Chuck!” Barkley had towels thrown at him. The Miami New Times has raw video of the incident.  TNT moved the post-game show inside last night but that did not stop some fans from letting Barkley know how they feel.

Heat fans are mad crazy after each victory in this Conference Finals. It would be awesome for the Heat to win another NBA championship but I do not want to think that far ahead, I will take victory one game at a time. GO HEAT!


Graphic: The Heat Spot




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