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Just another weekend in the City?

Over the weekend there was a drive-by shooting in Liberty City and one in Little Haiti. In the first shooting a teenage boy was injured. Shots were fired from a white Nissan by masked gunmen.

Four people were shot in the incident in Little Haiti in front of a corner store a few blocks away from the first shooting. The car used in that shooting was dark colored. Two people died and two were hospitalized.

One of the survivors is a teenage mother of a one year-old. Her mother has been shown on television begging for the shooters to turn themselves in. Her daughter's injuries required the amputation of one of her legs. She also suffers from shots to her spleen and kidneys. The other survivor, a young man, is expected to recover fully from his wounds.

How can a person have such little regard for another person's life? How many more people will be shot and/or killed?

There have been complaints about the police shooting black men. When do we stand up and rail against black males shooting other blacks? Someone knows the persons who are terrorizing our community. Wrong is wrong. When will WE stop this madness?

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