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Miami-Dade County Sample Ballot

Here is the Official Sample Ballot for the upcoming election. By the time Florida voters cast ballots, the Republican presidential candidate field may be narrowed down to two or three. As of this post, five candidate remain: Newt Gingrinch; Ron Paul; Rick Perry; Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

The first charter amendment question makes it easier for citizens to mount a petition drive and have the question placed on the ballot on the next scheduled General election rather than require costly Special elections.

The second ballot question, which really should have been two separate questions, center on County Commissioners. Basically, it raises the commissioners salary from $6,000 to approximately $92,097 and imposes limits of two consecutive four-year terms. Unless someone influential like Norman Braman says different, most voters will likely vote NO because of the salary increase; those voters who want a change in the composition of the Board will vote YES. Don't let someone else decide for you, get out and vote.


2012 Primary Ballot




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