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West Perrine MLK Parade 2012

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It was a beautiful day for the Dr. Martin Luther King Parade in West Perrine on the morning of Saturday, January 14, 2012 in West Perrine. I always love that parade because it’s organized, spacious and the spectators are polite. There were rumors that the Parade had been cancelled this year so I was extra curious as to how it would turn out.   

Mr. Ed Hanna and the parade organizers should be proud. There were not as many spectators as usual but it was a nice, ethnically diverse crowd, representative of Dr. King’s fight for the civil rights of mankind. I’m always curious if the folks who attend or participate in the  parade really understand why we celebrate with a national holiday.

Anyway, the parents and other family members enjoy watching their children in the parade. The marching bands and auxiliary units looked exceptionally nice. Since my Dad was raised in the Perrine area, he gets a kick out of talking to childhood friends and neighbors. 

The King events also included a breakfast and a Battle of the Bands. My schedule didn’t allow me to attend this year but they are usually great events. It’s amazing how theses events are pulled off each year. It takes dedicated, committed people to make these events happen. I appreciate each and every person who played a part because the community needs events like these.

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