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Confirmation, Motivation and Moving Forward or Your Hate Doesn't Break Me, It Motivates Me

by Vanessa Woodard Byers

Check out the tweet sent to this blog. It is likely it was sent because of my postings on the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, particularly, the racist rant of Capt. Brian Beckmann.

My immediate reaction was, wow, this is the first racist comment this blog has received. Some folk have disagreed with the opinions shared on this blog but never resorting to such baseness.

I also realized that tweet was confirmation this blog is fulfilling its mission of documenting the experiences of black people in South Florida --- positive and negative. While I prefer to be positive, it's more important to me to be real.

You know how business owners frequently post the first dollar they made? Well, I saved this tweet. It doesn't make me angry, it motivates me to do more... better... faster. Peace.


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Haters gonna hate...Keep giving us the real. It is appreciated.

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