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Change can be good but the Liberty City Transit Village Project needs to be revamped

The Liberty City Transit Village Project is the topic of an op-ed piece by local architect Harlan Woodard posted in The Miami Herald of September 26, 2012. The Liberty City Transit Village is a local project that will change one of the most iconic and highly traveled intersections in the black community, northwest 7th avenue and 62nd street, yet it has received little attention from the media and local community-oriented organizations.

Woodard’s piece points out the need for revision to the current proposal that will lead to a win-win situation for the community and other parties involved in the project. He also points out there is ample time to enact such changes since ground will not be broken until 2014. 

It is difficult to imagine how the community will be enhanced via the currently proposed project that is really about another mega housing project on that corner that is similar to the Brownsville Transit Village and other huge housing projects that have already peppered the community.

The Miami Workers Center attempted to assure that the transit village project would lead to jobs for community residents but even that was met with push back. It is likely that jobs will be offered to communty residents as a means of quieting voices of opposition and discontent. Unfortunately, that tactic is frequently used and frequently successful when folks don't care about long lasting impact on the community as a whole. 

The final question posed in the op-ed piece:

“Do those individuals of influence currently occupying County Hall have the appropriate courage and adequate concern for the long-term betterment of Liberty City, and Miami overall, to consider some degree of reassessment where the development of this site is concerned?”



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