Absentee Ballot Foolishness in Liberty City

Romney chose the town where Trayvon Martin was killed as one of his final campaign stops

Va-Va1Good morning, family! When Mitt Romney chose Sanford, FL as one of his final campaign stops, that sent a clear message to me as a black person; a reasonable person and an American. Sanford, FL is the site of the most controversial, racially-tinged shooting/murder of a black teenager by a white man in America in a long time. Sanford, FL was virtually unknown by most people and then it gained international infamy when George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

It is understandable that Mitt Romney wants to win the presidency of the United States but at what cost? I don't know Mitt Romney personally but what I have seen during this campaign is disturbing and causes tremendous concern if he is this nation's next president. Not the manufactured fear that the Republican Party and Anti-Obama forces have managed to inject into this campaign, but genuine concern for the typical American and the future of this great nation. 

If one listens to the flip-flopping of Mitt Romney and the outright lies of he, Paul Ryan and the various Republican-leaning Super PACs, it’s crystal clear where this nation is headed and it is not in a good direction. The people supporting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are not voting for the two of them as much as they are voting against President Obama. What is even more disturbing is that those same people attending that Romney-Ryan campaign rally in Sanford yesterday fail to realize that they are a part of the 47% and the 99%, not the 1% that Team Romney-Ryan is really fighting for.

Just so you don’t get this twisted, I do not worship President Obama. I have not agreed with every decision he has made but I think he is the best President the USA has elected in a long time. On the other hand, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are not trustworthy and anyone that votes for them is either only concerned about protecting their wealth or just plain delusional or maybe both.

Peace, Light, Love and đź’‹Smooches...




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