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Demoted fire captain Brian Beckmann appeals decision at hearing Mon. 1/14

Do you remember the case of Metro-Dade Fire Captain Brian Beckmann and the racist remarks he posted on his Facebook page in April 2012 regarding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin? Well, he is appealing his demotion to firefighter at a hearing 9 AM, Monday, January 14, 2013, Stephen P. Clark Building, 111 NW 1st Street, Suite 183, Miami, FL 33128.

Here's a reminder of what Beckmann posted:

“Listening to Prosecutor Corey blow herself and her staff for five minutes before pre-passing judgment on George Zimmerman. The state seeks reelection again, truth aside. I and my coworkers could rewrite the book on whether our urban youths are victims of racist profiling or products of their failed, shitbag, ignorant, pathetic, welfare dependent excuses for parents, but like Mrs. Corey, we speak only the truth. They’re just misunderstood little church going angels and the ghetto hoodie look doesn’t have anything to do with why people wonder if they’re about to get jacked by a thug.”

If Beckmann is returned to his previous rank, it will signal the level of disrespect of blacks by the fire department in Miami-Dade County. Racial incidents within that department have been reported in the past. At some point the black community must stop conveniently developing amnesia regarding civil rights violations.

This upcoming hearing has been relatively quiet, another issue we need to deal with - communication - and the ability to galvanize and mobilize quickly regarding issues of civil rights and racism. 

Do you feel Beckmann will treat blacks fairly? Should he be rewarded by being returned to fire captain rank, left at his current rank or fired? What say YOU? 




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He needs to be held accountable for his remarks. In his current position he has the influence that could ultimately affect the lives of those he made the comments towards.

If he posted this on his facebook page, what will stop him from prolonging the response time to an emergency for those in need who happen to be within that demographic he can't stand? After all he took an oath to serve the public. He needs to go!!

Steve Kelly

Captain Beckmann is completely correct. This "black culture" crap has been crippiling the black society for decades. Thug life. Get a job.


Haha read This pandering to black community needs to stop it was never about race. Politics suck

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