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The women's focused organization, Ultra Violet, successfully convinced Reebok to dump rapper Rick Ross as a celebrity endorser because of vile lyrics about rape in the song U.N.E.N.O.

Ross's denial…then lame attempt at an apology only fanned the flames of outrage. It was not until his money was cut that he issued a real apology. The sincerity of his words is another issue but hopefully someone understands the misogyny must stop not because a celebrity's pay is cut but because it's wrong to disrespect women.

Since Ross apologized, there should be a line of other folks in the music recording and music marketing process who greenlighted the song who should be apologizing also. Ross has the right to include the offensive lyrics in the song he wrote and lots of folks have the right to not but it either. Unfortunately too many young impressionable people will but it anyway. It's easy to rag on Ross but don't forget the others, especially corporate executives, who had a part in the release of Ross's song.



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