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Miami, FL - After careful research of Church Chambers of Commerce in the United States and abroad, there are only four (4) in the nation.  It is incumbent that Florida be among the ranks and more apparent that Miami join the ranks of distinct and rare Church Chambers of Commerce across the country.  The New Black Church Chamber of Commerce has arrived in Miami and Florida.

Temporarily housed at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church of South Miami, Inc., The New Black Church Chamber of Commerce (NBCCC), referred to as “The Chamber” is an organization of distinct individuals in their prospective field of expertise that advances the commercial, financial, non-profit and industrial interests of all.  The essence of The Chamber is economic empowerment, net working, collaboration and linkage for the business community of Miami-Dade County. 

While The Chamber continues to maintain an unwavering commitment to its mission [a conglomerate of ministries, businesses, individuals, emerging leaders and community leaders who have come together to create an enterprise that focuses on success, viability and stability; implementation and maintenance of programs that promote youth entrepreneurship, training and community economic development; collaboration with and building of coalitions with other organizations throughout the city and state; and to establish global, strategic relationships and/or partnerships across the public and private sectors] a new Chamber is in town!

In its growing stage, the NBCCC will be a source of financial empowerment, a source of entitlement for home ownership, education and a host of other entrepreneurial services.  Membership is open to all regardless of race, creed, color or religion.  It will act as a marketing and resource liaison for its members by encouraging and assisting the grassroots section of the community to participate and become involved.  It will also develop and implement programs, partnerships and strategic alliances. 

Under the direction of Dr. C. P. Preston of Peaceful Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Miami, The Chamber intends to instill values and business sense to enhance entrepreneurship.  “We are absolutely thrilled about having a new Chamber in town of a different but relative venture, we will embrace entrepreneurship with positivity on another level”, states Dr. Preston.  “We have spent a year and a half building a brand that will be a catalyst for change.  The Chamber will position the change as a dynamic, bold leadership organization and as a progressive, forward thinking entity in the community”, states the Executive Director, Sharon Johnson.


For more information, contact:

Sharon Kendrick-Johnson, CEO
(305) 772-7001

[email protected]
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