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Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert
Mayor Oliver Gilbert, III

What's going on with this plan to recall Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert? The report from NBC6 News indicates the reasons for recalling the Mayor are:

1. In the past he violated the state's election laws.
2. He oversees a city with one of the worst crime rates in the country. 
3. He hasn't handled the city's budget properly, and they say the city is $100 million in debt.

Political consultant Vanessa Brito, who we are told, doesn't live in Miami Gardens, is leading this effort. Dissatisfied Miami Gardens resident Fanny Arnold said that everyone is sorry they voted for Gilbert but others disagree. 

Vanessa Brito
Vanessa Brito

Gilbert alleges the proposed action is politically motivated. The charges, though they sound bad on the surface, can likely be clarified or explained. So what is this recall really about? Who's bankrolling this effort? Perhaps we'll know more tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

If you live in Miami Gardens, what do you think about this? Do you support the recall of Mayor Gilbert?

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