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Organization to Advocate for a "Positive, Actionable Response" to Racial Profiling,Vigilante Action and Gun Violence

Responding to the verdict reached this weekend in the case of the State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman, The Black Women's Agenda, Inc. (BWA) announced its intention to advocate for the development of "a uniform, national understanding of laws associated with vigilante conduct, the concept of stand your ground and gun violence."

In a statement released today from the organization's headquarters, Gwainevere Hess, President of The Black Women's Agenda, said:  "African-American mothers, grandmothers and women of color across the U.S. shared the anguish of Trayvon Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, and our hearts sank a little deeper with the reading of this weekend's verdict in the State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman. However, being depressed or angry by the judicial system does not address the larger issues facing our nation.

"The death of Trayvon Martin and subsequent acquittal of his assailant should be a catalyst for us to collectively focus on the roots of this tragedy and develop solutions for preventing such incidents in the future. Mothers of color should not have to grasp for words to explain to our sons how the verdict in the Zimmerman case uniquely impacts them, or to prepare our children to deal with the unfortunate reality of racial profiling and people who would take the law into their own hands.  

"The State of Florida vs. Zimmerman is one case. Even if a violation of civil rights case is brought to fruition on a federal level, it will seek justice in this one case, this one time. The Black Women's Agenda, Inc. is advocating for a positive, actionable response to counter the visceral ill-omen feelings of hope deferred prompted by the Zimmerman verdict. We call for the development of a uniform, national understanding of laws associated with vigilante conduct, the concept of stand your ground and gun violence. This much we owe to Trayvon's memory, our country, God, and ourselves."

The Black Women's Agenda is a national non-profit organization that generates awareness and support for issues affecting Black women worldwide. It is comprised of 19 collaborating women's organizations – sororities, civic, service, and faith-based – representing millions of women nationally and worldwide. Through the development of a social priorities agenda, BWA facilitates discussions that promote effective policies and meaningful change. For more information on The Black Women's Agenda, please visit



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