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Zimmerman Juror B29 says he got away with murder


ABC's Robin Roberts interviews George Zimmerman Juror B29


Juror B29, a 36 year-old black Puerto Rican woman, said George Zimmerman got away with murder when he killed Trayvon Martin. Now she's doubtful she did the right thing by giving in. Really? During an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts, she said feels she owes Trayvon Martin's parents an apology. Really? 

Her interview will air on several shows ABC over the next few days. I do not plan to watch. We were already overexposed to Juror B37 and her foolishness. The trial has been analyzed up the wazoo. Anything else Juror B29 says will likely anger me.

A big deal was made about her ethnicity when the jury was selected. She is a light complected Hispanic black woman. Moving right along. 



Photo:   ABC-TV




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