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Oh what a tangled web we weave: Influential Dade Medical College CEO and his powerful friends


Dade Medical College School of Nursing
Dade Medical College School of Nursing

Ernesto Perez apparently had his hands in the pockets of elected officials from South Florida to the Florida Panhandle. He has contributed over $100,000 to various political campaigns and even contributed to multiple candidates in the same race. Please read the sidebar article: Politicians for hire. Don’t get it twisted; while there are no blacks included in the Politicians for hire slideshow, Perez does not discriminate by ethnicity, gender nor political affiliation when it comes to spreading his campaign contributions.

Unfortunately, some people who do not vote use situations like this to support their position that their vote doesn’t matter. However, if people would refuse to be ‘bought and sold’ or to vote for people who are ‘bought and sold,’ the problem would definitely be reduced.

The real losers in this Dade Medical College situation are the taxpayers whose money has been used to help for-profit organizations finance their schemes; students who are saddled with debt and a worthless diploma; and healthcare patients who might end up being serviced by these poorly trained students who would be hired by an unscrupulous owner in spite of their lack of qualifications. Check the credentials of the folks who provide healthcare to you and your family.

While many folks locally are passionate about charter schools taking over their neighborhood public school, it’s also important to follow what’s happening in postsecondary and career education also.

It’s been said and written many times, when it comes to politics, follow the money.



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