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Poetry Groove: when will it stop by terry fernando newton


when will it stop

Another drive by shooting another youth that will not to live a life
that is so full dreams-another mother in tears a community living in
fears--another drive by shooting another young life taken--when will
it stop when will the blood of the youth be planted into hope and a
better life--school is cool pick up a book and uplift your mind you
dont have to die by a nine another drive by shooting another mother in
tears a community living in fears when will it stop someone tell them
they can live a life of dreams they can fly high in the sky like
winston scott of cocount grove he even walk in space and played his
trumpet in the spaceship to show pick up a book make school cool
uplift your mind drop the nine--pictures of youth on tee shrits that
have had their life taken by another drive by shooting when will it


...poet terry fernando newton




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