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Sun Life Stadium - Home of the Miami Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins organization is in the spotlight again as Jonathan broke his silence in an interview with Tony Dungy.



There might be some resolution to the Miami Dolphins-Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin situation soon. It has been reported that NFL special investigator Ted Wells’ report will be released after today’s Super Bowl. As that milestone is reached, several text messages exchanged between Incognito and martin were released and Martin spoke publicly in an interview by legendary NFL coach Tony Dungy.

Some football fans still make disparaging remarks about Jonathan Martin, referring to him as soft and questioning his sexuality. Other fans continue to condemn Richie Incognito for his crude and racial messages. Nobody wins but a detrimental culture was definitely exposed. The back story of all this is that this twisted relationship between the two players seemed acceptable to many in the Miami Dolphins lockkerroom. I understand being a part of a team but it’s difficult to fathom how these guys even tolerated each other. Some things are funny, others are not. Perhaps it’s acceptable behavior by an honorary black man but let me not go there.

Neither Martin or Incognito handled the situation appropriately but don’t miss Martin’s statement that it wasn’t just Incognito meting out the hazing even beyond Martin’s rookie year. So, who else on the Dolphins team should be given walking papers in addition to Incognito? Inquiring minds want to know what Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is going to do about that.

One of the more disturbing messages (and there have been many) from Incognito was: "I'm going to shoot you and claim self defense. I'm white ur black I'll walk.” The first reaction of most blacks would likely be anger but the reality is, Incognito is probably correct. Incognito clearly understands the privilege of being white in such a situation. He also either thought nothing wrong of writing such an assertion or simply didn't care. There are several recent incidents in the United States involving a white person shooting a black person let's see how they are resolved and if Richie continues to be right.


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