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The Miami HEAT are headed to the NBA Finals and the Internet clowns Lance Stephenson


The Miami Heat are again NBA Eastern Conference Finals Champions after thrashing the Indiana Pacers in a  Game 6 matchup that resulted a score of 117-92 but easily could have been a larger margin win/loss. Unfortunately way too much media coverage was given to Lance "Bad Boy" Stephenson because of his antics on the court, especially blowing in LeBron James' ear. 


The internet went crazy with memes of Stephenson's flopping and blowing. Here are some of my favorite Lance "the Blowfish" Stephenson: 

Lance and Friends
You didn't Know Lance Stephenson had such great Friends did you?


Lance and game cartridge
Your game cartridge not functioning properly? No worries. Lance Stephenson to the rescue!


Lance sabotages 50cent
Hey, 50cent, we knew NO ONE could throw such a horrible first pitch! You were sabotaged by Lance Stephenson!


Hurricane Lance
Brace yourselves for an active hurricane season, Hurricane Lance is destroying cities all across the nation!


At the end of Game 6, there was this show of good sportsmanship but Lance Stephenson's face says it all. He looks ill.


This is what was really going through Lance's head. At least this is what HEAT fans were thinking.

Photo 1.PNG

LeBron covers Lance
LeBron is cool with his but he got his shots in too.

And this....

Photo 3.PNG

Now we're getting ready for the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. Let's Go Miami HEAT! #3peat





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