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Please call if these funds can help you. Be a blessing to someone else and spread the word.

(MIAMI, June 17, 2014) – Miami-Dade County Community Action and Human Services Department (CAHSD) is the recipient of SHIP funds from the Florida Housing Finance Corporations to assist low-income residents with various housing needs. Through this program, Miami-Dade County residents may qualify for owner-occupied rehabilitation.

Assistance for owner-occupied rehabilitation is provided in the form of a low-interest rate, deferred, and/or forgivable loan. Elderly or disabled residents may qualify for up to $45,000 per household, and others may qualify for up to $35,000. SHIP funds are also used to provide homebuyer education and counseling in preparation for home ownership.

For more information about the SHIP Program and other CAHSD programs, call (786) 469-4730 or visit


Sign up to participate in a Moral Monday event in Florida


Something big is happening here in Florida.

Spurred by the repugnant agendas of Florida state legislators, your fellow citizens are beginning to stand tall and say, "no more."

Every week—inspired by the Moral Monday efforts that began in North Carolina last year—they are taking this message to their elected officials via peaceful protests all over the state.

Taking part in these protests charges my soul. If you're inspired by working for those without a voice, you should take part in the next one.

Sign up now to participate in a "Moral Monday" event in Florida.

Last year I gathered with a few other North Carolinians for the very first Moral Monday because our state legislature was enacting a series of bills to crush working people like you and me.

Then other states began enacting the SAME type of legislation to slash Medicaid, raise taxes on the working and the poor, cripple education, deny rights to workers, women, and the LGBT community, and make it more difficult to vote.

However, they aren't the only ones following the lead of North Carolina. Concerned citizens and activists in Florida are participating in their own "Moral Monday" protests against these injustices. Each week, more and more people join them.

In February, at our 15,000-strong Moral March on Raleigh, we had a message we wanted our elected officials to hear: Kicking hard-working people when they're down is not just bad policy, it's against the common good and disregards human rights. It is a refusal to lean to the better angels of ourselves. It's time for these legislators in Florida to find their better angels.

If you believe in democracy, in civil rights, and in human rights, sign up to participate in a Moral Monday event in Florida today:

Thank you,

Reverend William Barber II
President, North Carolina State Conference

P.S. Watch the Moral Monday video here.


[MUST READ] Miami Gardens called NY 'Stop and Frisk' on steroids

It had been quiet in Miami Gardens as far as public complaints against Miami Gardens Police but that is likely about to change. Investigative reporting on Fusion portrays an environment of terror for many residents of the City of Miami Gardens. As much media coverage as New York City received for its racist stop and frisk policy, Miami Gardens is referred to as New York City on steroids.


Leaders of the City of Miami Gardens must address the allegations of falsified police reports and orders from police brass to stop black males between the ages of 15-30. How does one explain stopping a five year-old and a 99 year-old because they looked suspicious? How does one explain a police report indicating a person was stopped and questioned on the street when that person was in fact incarcerated at the time? Really, Miami Gardens PD? Really?

There can be no more feel good town hall meetings and activities to squash this issue. If the Department of Justice doesn't hurry and swoop down on the City of Miami Gardens and deal with this situation, that will be another travesty against folks who have essentially lived and/or grown up in terror. A team of psychologists needs to be assigned to the people of Miami Gardens to help them overcome the damage done to their psyche. One must already have surrendered to a mental state of fear and/or helplessness and hopelessness to allow this situation to exist in the first place in these United States of America. 

Please read the entire article: Welcome to Suspect City.


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The Miami HEAT are headed to the NBA Finals and the Internet clowns Lance Stephenson


The Miami Heat are again NBA Eastern Conference Finals Champions after thrashing the Indiana Pacers in a  Game 6 matchup that resulted a score of 117-92 but easily could have been a larger margin win/loss. Unfortunately way too much media coverage was given to Lance "Bad Boy" Stephenson because of his antics on the court, especially blowing in LeBron James' ear. 


The internet went crazy with memes of Stephenson's flopping and blowing. Here are some of my favorite Lance "the Blowfish" Stephenson: 

Lance and Friends
You didn't Know Lance Stephenson had such great Friends did you?


Lance and game cartridge
Your game cartridge not functioning properly? No worries. Lance Stephenson to the rescue!


Lance sabotages 50cent
Hey, 50cent, we knew NO ONE could throw such a horrible first pitch! You were sabotaged by Lance Stephenson!


Hurricane Lance
Brace yourselves for an active hurricane season, Hurricane Lance is destroying cities all across the nation!


At the end of Game 6, there was this show of good sportsmanship but Lance Stephenson's face says it all. He looks ill.


This is what was really going through Lance's head. At least this is what HEAT fans were thinking.

Photo 1.PNG

LeBron covers Lance
LeBron is cool with his but he got his shots in too.

And this....

Photo 3.PNG

Now we're getting ready for the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. Let's Go Miami HEAT! #3peat