Lebron defaced on Miami HEAT mural in Wynwood [VIDEO]

The Decision Pt. 2: Lebron James is Going Home


Thank God Lebron James finally made the announcement. Yesterday, via an essay published in Sports Illustrated, officially notified the world that he's going back to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Are Miami HEAT fans disappointed? Heck yeah, but you have to respect the man’s decision, even if you don’t like it. Lebron obviously came to terms with the reaction to his departure from the Cavs back in 2010, I don't understand how he did that but the decision is his, not mine or any other fan or Pat Riley and Micky Arison for that matter. Miami might be a second home for them but it’s not home and any reasonable person should understand that.

The Domino Effect of Lebron’s decision included the re-signing of Chris Bosh and rumors of Chicago’s interest in Dwyane Wade, although that seems questionable. What’s most fascinating in this situation is that just as in the Decision Pt. 1, Pt. 2 reiterates Lebron’s control over his career. It also illustrated just how much influence he has in the NBA ond worldwide media. Waiting for the Decision Pt. 2 dominated the news to the point that I’d really had enough of the emotional manipulation. 

I have to admit I would have lost money had I bet on Lebron returning to the Cavs. After such vitriol from the fans and team owner, Dan Gilbert, when Lebron announced his move to the Miami HEAT back in 2010. Rest assured there will be no burning of Lebron James Miami HEAT jerseys this time --- not unless someone is just seeking attention. This is Miami, someone might try to sell you a Lebron James Miami HEAT jersey and tell you it’s now a ‘collector’s item,’ but burning? I don’t think so. Speaking of losing money, Lebron’s James move back to the Cavaliers will reportedly cost the Miami area $100 million.

Now Miami HEAT fans must wait while Miami HEAT president Pat Riley works his magic in putting together a team for the upcoming season. Here is Riley's official statement on the departure of Lebron James. A class act, no nasty letter like Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.  

Riley statement


 All the best to Lebron. LET'S GO HEAT!


- VB




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