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Sometimes those of us of a certain age think young black people don't get it. We see their sagging pants and overly tatted up bodies and think our future as a race has gone to hell in a hand basket. Then some of us realize we focus too much on the negative representations of our youth. There are young people who care...who actually get it. They listen to jazz and classical music as well as that profanity-laced trash calling itself hip-hop but that's another story for another time.

My god-niece, Dominique Diggs, a senior at Howard University, posted this photo of Howard students assuming the position reportedly taken by Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO before he was fatally shot by a police officer. Brown's death has resulted in several days of protest and violence. Brown's parents have called for the violence and looting to stop as it dishonors their son's memory. These Howard students found a way to send a powerful message of support for justice for Michael Brown and against police brutality. Please make this photo go viral.

Howard students protest
Howard University students stand in solidarity with protesters in Ferguson, MO against police brutality and for justice for Michael Brown. #DontShoot #JusticeForMikeBrown


Here's what Dominique posted on Facebook: 

My beloved University is my heart. I cannot express enough how much Howard University does for me -- especially in times like this. We, as an historically black institution geared towards educating people of color in multiple subjects & social responsibilities rise in solidarity with the town of Ferguson, Missouri. The Ferguson Police Department are doing their best to silence our people but the protests are still going. All black life matters, we will not stand by & allow for our young black men to be hunted by these American terrorists. ALL BLACK LIFE MATTERS -- SAVE OUR BOYS.
Let me just add that the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO; Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY; Oscar Grant in Oakland, CA and Travis McNeil right here in Miami, FL should never be forgotten. They were all unarmed young black males killed by police --- people who have sworn to protect and to serve the community. Does that mean all cops are bad? No. Does that mean we should excuse the murders commited by civilians? No. We should be mad as hell but let's not allow anyone to try to diminish and/or deflect from either situation.
I'm also proud that my godniece loves her school. It's not Florida A&M but we won't rehash family disagreements. I worry that so many black children will get lost in this world that still tries to convince them that they are less than their non-black counterparts or makes them feel isolated and unwanted at predominantly white institutions. I want all children to grow up to be proud of their natural selves. Regardless of ethnicity; skin color; color of eyes; hair texture; sexual preference; height, weight; etc. The fact that these Howard students get it and expressed themselves in such a peaceful and powerful manner gives me hope and reassurance that our little black children will not be completely lost in this very imperfect world we have left them.
Power to the People! 



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Do you know if there are any organized solidarity protests or vigils in Miami around this?


For the record, the author of this blog likes Hip Hop --- real Hip Hop. Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, etc. The so called music/lyrics replete with profanity and hypersexualized images of women and criminalization of men is an insult to humanity and the true rap game. And tattoos are beautiful but when they prevent you from being gainfully employed, that's a problem. Reading with comprehension is a plus so is healthy debate without profanity. Please don't live down to negative stereotypes.

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