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Faith Leaders Flex Political Muscle at Polls with Eyes on 2016

Emerging Religious Voting Bloc Turns-Out on Issues of Racial and Economic Justice 

Orlando, Fla. – In an unpredictable political climate, people of faith working with Faith in Florida held 50,279 live person-to-person conversations about faith and voting with African-American and Latino voters. Those conversations focused on voting rights and drivers licenses for immigrants, which are two of the most important issues on the agenda of African-American and Latino voters.  Faith in Florida’s grassroots volunteer voter contact program highlights the growing power of religious voters who are committed to racial and economic justice.

“Republican and Democratic candidates ignore at their peril the emerging bloc of religious voters who voted their values on voting rights, immigration reform and affordable health care for all,” said Jerry Peña, Faith in Florida’s Executive Director. “Faith in Florida Get Out the Vote turned out 50,279 voters demonstrating that religious institutions that preach justice and redemption also have the ability to use sophisticated tools and targeting to move large numbers of people to the polls who might not otherwise vote."

As part of the Let My People Vote electoral program with the PICO National Network, the largest grassroots, faith-based organizing network in the country which held more than 500,000 live conversations in key states, Faith in Florida’s electoral program focused on the mobilization of African American and Latino faith voters whose voices have been ignored in the past. 

Churches across the state participated in registering and turning out their members, Souls to Polls events and phone banking and canvassing their neighborhoods. Over and over, volunteers delivered the message to voters that their lives, voices and votes matter.

“This election shows the power that people of faith can have when they stand up for their family, neighbors and coworkers, and signals a growing moral tide in American politics that can’t be stopped.” Said Rev. Alvin Herring, PICO’s National Deputy Director. “PICO National Network and other faith groups were able to mobilize a unique coalition of pro-working family religious voters, whose voice will only continue to grow in 2015 and beyond.” 


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