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This Little Light of Mine: Shoutout Saturday to Tyrone Green

by Dr. Steve Gallon III

Tyrone Green

Shoes aren't the only things that shine at Green Dream Shoe Repairs. For over 50 years, this family establishment has provided shoe repairs, cleaning, and the selling of paraphernalia of local teams and organizations. It has also provided a "light" and legacy of hope, happiness, and hospitality to its patrons that have entered its doors. This legacy continues with Tyrone Green.

I have always been fond of fine attire. In being so, I've held true to my late father's sage advice when it came to haberdashery---keep your hands manicured, timepiece on point, and shoes tight. For the last 25 years (more than half of my life) I have kept my shoe game tight with the great, quality work of Green Shoe Repair. From cleanings to sole savers to heel taps, I remain a loyal customer at its new location which is still in the heart of Liberty City on 62nd Street between 7th and 8th.

During this time it has been a pleasure to not only remain loyal as a customer when it came to shoe repair, but to also be able to rely on Tyrone Green and the Green Family for words of encouragement, inspiration, and genuine appreciation.

A humble, happy, hardworking, and hospitable, God fearing brother, Tyrone embodies qualities that our young mean should learn to emulate. He is a loyal and dedicated son and father of six, and a husband of 30 years! For the community, he represents the critical legacy of small, minority businesses that continue to fight, survive, and thrive in the heart of Liberty City. From new shoes out of the box to those thought ready for retirement in the closet, I take them to Tyrone and I've never been disappointed.

Shoes aside, he always brings a word of encouragement and joy amidst the background of gospel music when you enter the door. No matter what may be going on in his life, he's always mustered up his little light and allowed it to shine on my life---often during times I may have needed it the most.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. What's more extraordinary than spreading a word of hope, happiness, and love to those with whom you come in contact? Imagine what would our world, nation, and community be if more of us did the same.

Shout out to you Tyrone Green and Green Dreams Shoe Repair! May your business continue to grow and prosper and your "light" shine amongst the men and women in this community for even more decades to come.




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