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'Match Made In Heaven' Contestant Mercedes Young Addresses Jimmy Kimmel Joking About Her Be a #BornAgainVirgin

Los Angeles, California _ Mercedes Young is responding to late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel talking about her revealing that she is a born again virgin on the WEtv show ‘Match Made in Heaven’. The show aired on Thursday, February 12, 2015.

Mercedes Young

Young, a 23 year-old entrepreneur from Miami was featured on the show with another contestant, telling the bachelor Shawn Bullard they were virgins.

"Mine is a little different," Mercedes told Bullard after the revelation. "She’s a pure virgin, I’m a born again virgin."

"I don’t know if that’s how virginity works!" Kimmel told his laughing audience after referring to the show as an "all Black version of ‘The Bachelor’".

"That’s like eating a salad and calling yourself a born again vegetarian," he laughed. "It’s like ‘I’m a virgin, these are my children, Caroline and Samantha."

Young has released the following statement through her publicist:

"When I signed up to be a part of WEtv’s ‘Match Made in Heaven’, I knew that I was signing away my privacy and that what you put out there to the world you can’t take back. I just didn’t realize that talking about my celibacy was one of the things that was something that would end up as a part of an intro for Mr. Jimmy Kimmel on his late night talk show.

I was very flattered to have him show my clip on his show because I’m a fan and have been for years. I’d be even more flattered to one day appear on his show and really explain to him what a #BornAgainVirgin is.

Anyway, after the show aired, I got a ton of people calling me offended that he was making fun of my celibacy. Honestly, when I saw the show I actually laughed because I realized that the term "born again virgin" is not one that a lot of people have heard.

I actually had planned to launch my #BornAgainVirgin campaign, tee shirt line and purity jewelry line later on this year but Mr. Jimmy Kimmel has unintentionally forced me into talking about it a little earlier than I intended to.

#BornAgainVirgin focuses on the fact that there is no shame in preserving yourself.

Since Jimmy Kimmel took the time to mention me, I must now make the time to continue my mission of encouraging people to realize there is nothing wrong with being a #BornAgainVirgin.

God Bless!





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