What's wrong with this picture?
Street named after developer with history of discrimination against blacks

Kudos to Miami-Dade County for Quick Response in Correcting Sign


Thank you to the folks at Miami-Dade County for the quick response in correcting the sign that showed Eureka Drive misspelled. One of the followers on Rose Reeder’s Facebook page said she would take action on having the sign corrected, and she did just that. It’s easy to rag on government workers and contractors when things go wrong, let’s give a shout out to everyone involved in resolving this issue.

So, what is the take away from what is an innocuous situation to most people? Well, there are probably a few take aways but the most important to me is the demonstration of the power of one citizen taking action. Rather than waiting for someone else to initiate resolution, each of us has the power right at the end of our fingers by using our telephones or our computers. 

Power to the People. 


- vb


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What's wrong with this picture?




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