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Malcolm-Jamal Warner ‘Disappointed’ By Ebony Cover; Compares Bill Cosby To Woody Allen & Roman Polanski


Actor and artist Malcolm-Jamal Warner stopped by HuffPost Live and shared his thoughts on the recent controversial Ebony cover displaying a shattered picture of ‘The Cosby Show’ cast.


Warner: “Actually, I [still] need to read the article. I have not read the article because just the cover, I didn’t really feel like dealing with it yet. But... I had so many social media comments from the Black audience, from Ebony’s target audience, who are very disappointed with that cover, and very disappointed in Ebony as one of the voices of the Black community to put that cover out there.”


When asked if he is disappointed in Ebony for the cover, Warner replied:


Warner: “Yes, I am… It’s contributing to the stereotypical image that society has of the broken Black family, the shattered Black family. And to take something that for 20, 30 years has been what we have held up as the Black family that we all want to aspire to, in terms of the love that we don’t see when we see Black families in the media, to take that image and to shatter it, it’s disappointing to a lot of us.”




Host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani also asked Warner if there can be a divorce between Cosby, the man, and Cosby’s character on the sitcom.


Warner: “I say yes to your question because based on the social media comments that I get and I see, a lot of the audience has been able to do that and are doing that… I would [also] love to think so because when we talk about Woody Allen, we don’t talk about his controversy. When we talk about Roman Polanski now, it’s like that’s no longer part of the conversation. So if that’s how it goes, then I hope the same can come of ‘The Cosby Show.’”


Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with actor and musician Malcolm-Jamal Warner here.


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Video: HuffPost Live


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