City of Miami Cop relieved of duty after kicking handcuffed suspect in the head [VIDEO]
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UPDATE: City of Miami police officer Mario Figueroa suspended with pay after video of violent assault on handcuffed suspect goes viral


The City of Miami police officer caught on video kicking a handcuffed suspect has been identified as Mario Figueroa. He has been on the force for two years. The handcuffed suspect is David Vladim Suazo. The incident began when City of Miami police spotted Suazo driving a vehicle reported stolen in Broward County. 

Suazo crashed the vehicle and a foot chase ensued. Figueroa tasered Suazo, who is reported to have assumed a fighting stance against the officer. Figueroa’s taser did not stop Suazo. Another officer was able to subdue Suazo. From a running start, Figueroa kicked Suazo in the head as a fellow officer had him defenseless and in custody on the ground. 

Figueroa’s anger and frustration because of his initial contact with Suazo is understood but kicking  in the head is unacceptable. 

It’s also important to note that City of Miami Police Chief Colina relieved Figueroa of duty, he has not been fired. Figueroa is suspended with pay. AND…the police report filed regarding the incident failed to include Figueroa’s kicking attack on Suazo. 

So let’s see what the State Attorney Office does with this incident. Stay tuned. #STAYwoke. 




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Gabriel A. Pena

Mario Figueroa needs not only to be fired, but also indicted for such a violent and disgraceful misconduct "under the color of authority."

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