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High-Achieving Triplet Brothers to Graduate from Grambling State University on April 15


April 15, 2021 will be forever etched in the history of Grambling State University as the Wilson Brothers – Stevie, Steven and Stephon are the first set of fraternal triplets to graduate from Grambling State University.  Adding to the joy of their latest accomplishments is the fact they were born eight weeks premature and medical experts said the brothers would experience developmental delays. So much for experts.

Upon being awarded their baccalaureate degrees, Stevie, a biology major, plans on becoming a physician. His next step is completing the virtual MCAT prep program at the University of Miami. Steven, also a biology major, aspires to become an anesthesiologist; he will take a gap year before attending medical school. Stephon, a double major in management and computer information systems, will move into a permanent position with the FDIC. Congratulations to the Wilson triplets and everyone who helped them accomplish their goals. 




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