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South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Broward public defender accuses state attorney of systematically withholding evidence

Check out Broward public defender accuses state attorney of systematically withholding evidence - South Florida Broward's public defender Howard Finkelstein has leveled a broadside against State Attorney Mike Satz's office, saying his prosecutors systematically sit on evidence favorable to defendants, cover up for bad cops and use a double standard of justice that favors the wealthy and influential. [Read more...]

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UPDATE: 17 year-old arrested in assault of 9 year-old boy at Sunview Park

Rumaldo Frometa The Broward Sheriff's Office arrested 17-year-old Rumaldo Frometa in the sexual assault of the 9 year-old boy at Sunview Park in fort Lauderdale. Frometa raped the boy in a portable bathroom while the boy's 7 year-old sister waited outside.

Frometa gained the children's trust by impersonating a police officer. Other neighborhood children helped police in apprehending him. He will be charged with capital sexual battery, kidnapping and falsely impersonating a police officer.

Prayerfully, the boy and his family will recive counseling to help them deal with this horrific situation. It's been reported that Frometa committed a similar crime last year. He needs help too.

Although Frometa is a juvenile, he could be tried as an adult. Stay tuned.

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Don't miss Michael Jai White at FLIFF 2009 [VIDEO]

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) is scheduled for Oct. 23 thru Nov. 11. One of the highlights of the festival is the premiere of the film Black Dynamite by none other than Michael Jai White.

FLIFF2009 Special Guest: Michael Jai White

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Michael who has nearly 40 films in his career, got his start with the infamous Troma Films, appearing in TOXIC AVENGER II & III. Then onto TEENAGE MUTANT TURTLES...but it wasn't long before producers recognized his incredible screen appeal casting the hunky martial arts pro in RING OF FIRE, PROTOTYPE, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, FULL CONTACT, ON DEADLY GROUND and FIST OF JUSTICE. Next came the cult classic 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY (which also featured the first screen credited role of Charlize Theron).

It was his role as Al Simmons in the double crossed assassin who is killed by his boss and later through a deal with the Devil comes back as SPAWN to reap havoc and is that role that provided Michael with the vehicle to garner glowing critical reviews as well as the adoration of young film fans around the world. Since then Michael has appeared in a string of successful films including Tyler Perry’s hit, WHY DID I GET MARRIED...and most notably BLACK DYNAMITE which he conceived, co-wrote and stars.


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Political Corruption in South Florida: How deep and how wide?

Last Wednesday’s arrest of Broward officials: Josephus Eggelletion, Beverly Gallagher and Fitzroy Salesman is still the talk of the community. The alleged details of sleazy deals made are nauseating at best. All three are presumed innocent until they have had their day in court but the FBI seems to feel confident that the cases against the three are airtight.

Eggelletion and Salesman have had their fair share of negative publicity in the past so many are not surprised at their arrests. The amount of money involved has shocked the folks I’ve spoken with. Most people are very surprised that community activist turned politician Beverly Gallagher has gotten caught up in corruption. Gallagher had been well thought of by the community.

Now there is speculation as to who is next to be indicted in the FBI probe. Several Broward residents have already applied to replace Eggelletion and Gallagher. Even former Miami Dolphin star, Dwight Stephenson's firm has been dragged into the investigation. The drama continues.


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