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It's back! "Let's Talk Money" on WMBM with Lisa Rogers-Cherry

Our financial expert, Lisa Rogers-Cherry, is back with the rebirth of the popular radio show "Let's Talk Money" with Bishop Victor T. Curry, Senior Pastor of New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International and St Ruth Missionary Baptist Church. 
Lisa and Bishop Curry start tomorrow, October 5, 2009 from 9:00am-10:00am on 1490am WMBM.  Once a month Bishop Victor T. Curry and Lisa Rogers-Cherry will discuss financial issues affecting the urban communities in South Florida. Be sure to check the radio show at and Lisa's monthly financial tips on Blogging Black Miami.
Lisa Rogers-Cherry is the author of Lifting the Burdens of Debt:  A Helpful Guide to Getting Your Debts Paid and Your Life Back on Track (2005; $14.95).  If you have a question or for more information go to, e-mail her at, or write Lisa Rogers-Cherry, Red Pen Press, P. O. Box 1196 , Dania Beach , FL 33004 .

Overtown youth get school supplies from CompUSA

The Overtown Youth Center (OYC) is making sure all their students go back to school this year with a brand new backpack filled with all the necessary supplies. In addition to pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, highlighters and a calculator, each student will receive a 2GB flash drive thanks to a donation from CompUSA.

"CompUSA and other responsible local businesses have really come through for local youth and families and we are truly touched by their generosity. CompUSA not only contributed hundreds of flash drives for students, but actually sent representatives to our Center, where they assisted us in packing hundreds of backpacks with the drives and other donated school supplies," said Overtown Youth Center Executive Director Carla Penn.

 Yendi Valdes from CompUSA showed students at the Overtown Youth Center how to make their own movies with a Flip video camera.

Yendi Valdes from CompUSA showed students at the Overtown Youth Center how to make their own movies with a Flip video camera.



Back to School Saving Tips by Lisa Rogers-Cherry

  1. Don't wait until right before school starts to go back-to-school shopping. 
  2. Call your child's school and get a list of required school supplies. 
  3. If you haven't gone shopping already, start comparing prices and sales ads and start picking up items now. 
  4. Be sure to take inventory of what you already have. 
  5. Set a budget for clothes. 
  6. Check your local thrift store for reasonably priced gently worn clothes.
  7. If your child is required to wear a uniform, call the school to see if they have received previously worn uniforms that have been donated back to the school. 
  8. Don't forget to find out when the tax free holidays occur, because every penny counts!
  9. If you don't have children, buy school supplies for children who are in need.
10. Find out which local organizations are donating free school supplies.

PROTECT THE AFRICAN HERITAGE CULTURAL ARTS CENTER (This is long, but its shorter than the budget document!)

by H. Leigh Toney
Miami Dade County Proposed 2009-10 Budget (as proposed by Mayor Carlos Alvarez):

If you've been watching the news today, Thursday, July 16, 2009, then you heard the highlights of Mayor Alvarez's proposed 2009-10 budget. While there are no doubt many causes for concern in the Mayor's proposed budget, and there are many hearings and public meetings ahead of us in the coming months, I want to call your attention to the proposed budget implications for the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center. Mayor Alvarez took umbrage to media questions about the use of county funds to support the Marlins stadium in the wake of these drastic budget proposals, so let me attempt to compare "apples to apples."

The following are excerpts of language taken directly from the Miami Dade County web portal and the 2009-10 budget document which can be found at, This language taken from the "Proposed Message" and "Volume 2" discuss budget plans for the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center and the South Miami Cultural Arts Center. The African Heritage Cultural Arts Center has a track record of successful programming to its credit having trained performers and artists whose works and talents have reached the heights of Broadway and cultural venues throughout the country; the latter has yet to open. The African Heritage Cultural Arts Center serves our children and helps them to realize their dreams and actualize their talents. I hope you'll find this is something worth taking action to address the potential harm that a reduction in services at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center will portend. If you agree, let Mayor Alvarez, the County Commissioners and the editorial pages of local newspapers hear your vocal and clear support for this cultural treasure in our community.

The Arts and Culture Division oversees the day-to-day operations of the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, Raices Hispanic Heritage Cultural Arts Center, the Miami-Dade County Auditorium, the Women’s Park, and the Joseph Caleb Auditorium.
• Provides auditorium rental opportunities for professional and community arts organizations offering performing arts presentations
• Provides a variety of cultural arts programs such as instrumental and choral music, dance, drama, visual arts and puppetry for youth seeking to explore and discover their own interests and talents and gain a deeper appreciation of
artistic forms

AFRICAN HERITAGE CULTURAL ARTS CENTER: As a result of the economic downturn, the Department’s FY 2009-10 Proposed Resource Allocation Plan in the Arts and Culture Division.... and closes the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center will operate as a break even fees and charges basis or grant subsidized ($449,000, four full-time positions); the center will staff only one custodial worker and one Recreation Specialist 1 to handle inquires to use/rent facility for programs and day-to-day oversight in the Arts and Culture Division.

SOUTH MIAMI DADE CULTURAL ARTS CENTER: In FY 2009-10, the Department will continue to manage the construction and development of the 70,000 square-foot South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center (Center) ($51.156 million); prepare an operational pro forma and financing plan, complete operating staff build-out and develop governance and management systems for the new Center; improve existing and develop new cultural facilities in neighborhoods throughout Miami-Dade County
• The FY 2009-10 Proposed Resource Allocation Plan includes full staffing for the Center (eight positions, $605,000); the Center construction is expected to be completed during FY 2009-10 and the Department continues the strategy of incorporating the interest earnings accruing in specific cultural facilities projects under the Department's purview
and prioritizing those revenues for allocation toward the construction and operational requirements of the Center; in addition, per Ordinance 97-210, $770,000 in Convention Development Tax has been allocated to the Center for

The South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center Division will operate and manage a 966-seat multidisciplinary center for the performing arts including the Theater, multi-purpose rehearsal and educational space, and an Activities Center.
• Develops and directs operational plans for the Center
• Prepares performance and utilization schedule of the facility
• Monitors and adheres to financial management policies and procedures of the Center

July's Financial Tip: How is your credit?

 by Lisa Rogers Cherry  

You should review your credit report at least twice a year to be sure that it's accurate and to check for identity fraud. Go to for one free report per year.

Lisa Rogers-Cherry is the author of Lifting the Burdens of Debt:  A Helpful Guide to Getting Your Debts Paid and Your Life Back on Track (2005; $14.95).  If you have a question or would like more information about the book go to, e-mail her at, or write Lisa Rogers-Cherry, Red Pen Press, P.O. Box 1196, Dania Beach, FL 33004.


South Florida-based Pecan Tree Publishing is in full thrust mode this summer. The company which combines traditional print amenities with self-publishing options is looking to expand an already quickly growing catalog.  Earlier this year the company released CULINARY ROOTS by Brenda L. Jackson.  The eclectic soul food cookbook is being followed in July with two releases: the urban fiction drama DUCHESS OF MIAMI by Ann Maynard and the Christian testimony SOW IN TEARS by Rosie Pierre.  The company was founded on the premise of helping first time authors and those who have decided that self-publishing is for them.  Founded by author E. Claudette Freeman (PIECES. AND ME. And SHELTERED DELIVERANCE), the company’s mission is to assist authors in the full publishing experience. 


What Recession? It’s Urban Beach Week!

South beach

Urban Beach Weekend…Black Beach Weekend…Hip Hop Weekend…Memorial Day Weekend. Call it what you like; there are hundreds of thousands of young black people on South Beach this weekend. That translates to millions of dollars spent for an unofficial festival not really welcomed by Miami Beach officials. Hmmm….

It also translates to lots of scantily clad females, guys with cameras and styling and profiling in customized vehicles. I don't begrudge any of that because it's all a part of being young during these days and times. The paint jobs on those vehicles are sometimes mind-blowingly creative and let's not talk about the hydraulics --- awesome! Some of my young sisters could show a little more class in their attire though. There is a difference between sexy and skanky. I'm just saying.

Some Miami Beach residents and businesses vacate the place during this weekend. Too many people…way too much traffic. Of course, law enforcement will be on the scene. Let's hope everyone behaves themselves and stays safe. Leave the guns and Jerry Springer Show fights at home, please.

Of course, the visitors will be on the lookout for celebrities that we see here all the time. Whatever the reason, news reports indicate hotels are booked at 92%; that's definitely welcome during this…uh…recession. What recession?

One more thing, can we try to remember the reason for this weekend and honor the service men and women who served this nation and gave their lives? Peace - Light- Love.

Miami Herald: Miami-Dade mayor to get state's ear on tunnel project

Posted on Saturday, Apr. 11, 2009

Miami-Dade mayor to get state's ear on tunnel project

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez and other county officials will travel to Tallahassee on Monday for a meeting with Florida Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Kopelousos in a bid to fast-track construction of the stalled Miami tunnel project.

Victoria Mallette, a spokeswoman for the mayor, said Friday that the meeting is in response to Alvarez's letter Tuesday in which he urged Kopelousos to move more quickly on the tunnel and not rebid the project.

Mallette said Alvarez is expected to be joined on the trip by several county officials involved in or familiar with the tunnel project, including Port of Miami director Bill Johnson and Miami-Dade Aviation director José Abreu.


Miami-Dade residents will have the opportunity to be heard during the “Miami Marlins” Stadium discussion

Monday, March 23, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.


(Miami-Dade County, FL) -- 
Last month, Miami-Dade County Chairman Dennis C. Moss offered residents a chance to have a voice during the Board of County Commission discussions for a new "Miami Marlins" stadium.  This never took place due to the City of Miami's postponement of their meeting.  Yesterday, the city voted 3-2 in favor of the stadium agreement.  The County will have a special meeting on March 23rd at 1:00 p.m. at the Stephen P. Clark building, 2nd floor, Commission Chambers. 

"While all items to be considered are not public hearing items, after weighing the significance of the decisions that the Commission will be making, I decided to open the entire stadium discussion to the public," said Chairman Moss.  "This is an effort to promote greater transparency by giving the community the opportunity to provide input."

To participate, anyone wishing to speak needs to register with the office of the agenda coordinator, at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the hearing.  Directional signs will be set up on the first floor pointing to a registration table where people can sign up to speak.

Who:  Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners

What: “Miami Marlins” stadium public hearing

When: March 23, 2009, 1:00 p.m.


111 NW 1 Street, Commission Chamber (2nd Floor) at the Stephen P. Clark Center
111 N.W. First Street, Miami, FL., 33128