Marching band legend Dr. William P. Foster passes

After days on life support, Florida A&M University marching band director emeritus Dr. William P. Foster transitioned early this morning.

The FAMU family expected Doc to pull through this latest episode as word of his improvement circulated the Internet. Alas, this was not to be.

Of course we will post more on this tremendous loss in the near future. Rest in Peace, Dr. Foster.

Services for Mrs. Ida Mae Brown

Mrs. Ida Mae Brown, mother of Hot Talk's Chief Jimmie Brown passed away recently. Services are as indicated below. Please keep the chief and the rest of the family in parayer.

Chief Jimmie Brown
Arrangements for Mrs. Ida Mae Brown
(Chief Jimmie Brown's Mother)
  3384 Grand Ave
  Miami, FL

  Funeral Service: August 16th, Monday 11am
  Bethel Full Gospel Baptist Church
  (Richmond Heights)
  14437 Booker T. Washington Drive
  Miami, FL

  Repast: August 16th, Monday 1pm
  Second Baptist Church
  (Richmond Heights)
  11111 Pinkston Drive
  Miami, FL 33176
  Phone: (305) 232-0499

Rest In Peace: Dr. Kenneth M. Wheeler

Dr. Kenneth Monroe Wheeler transitioned on Friday, October 16, 2009.  He was a beloved educator and administrator for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. A Celebration of His Life  is scheduled for Saturday, October 24, 2009 at noon at New Way Fellowship Praise and Worship Center, 16800 NW 22nd Avenue, Opa-Locka, FL 33056.  Visitation will be Friday, 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm at New Way.

In lieu of flowers, The Wheeler Family encourages donations, in his memory, to the Juvenile Diabetics Research Foundation (JDRF), 3411 NW 9th Avenue, Suite 701, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33309.


South Florida Caribbean News: Fundraiser For Slain Reggae Singer's Daughter

South Florida Caribbean News Picture

FT. LAUDERDALE - A fundraiser for slain 15 year old Nekitta Hamilton, daughter of Reggae singer Thriller U of the group LUST will be held on Saturday, August 29, 2009 from 12 noon to 6 pm at Top Hop Gardens, located at 4340 North State Rd. 7 (441 South of Commercial Bl.) Ft Lauderdale. Nekitta was killed last week at a home... Read More...

Remembering Zeola Cohen Jones

Mrs. Zeola Cohen Jones

Yesterday was a melancholy kind of day. In addition to the rain, one of my favorite sorority sisters was laid to rest. Saying good-bye was difficult and in some ways, I was glad for the rain because it helped camouflage my tears.

Zeola Cohen Jones will be missed by many; not just her family and not just me. She had a way with people that was amazing to watch. Until the end of her life in the natural, she had the same infectious spirit.

Her legacy will live on through her children, grandchildren and the folks like me that she touched along the way. Rest in Peace, Soror Zee.

From The Miami Herald: Miami native was longtime schoolteacher

Death in the City, Part 2

Signs of Hope

Out of the tragedy of the death of Michelle Coleman came the leadership of two of her friends: Keidra Miles and Trimel Bryant. They quickly called for a community gathering on ending the violence in the community and a memorial service celebrating Michelle Coleman. Unfortunately, Anthony Smith would pass away and the gathering would also mourn the loss of his life.

These young people, both in college, are signs of hope for our community. In a time when negativity garners the most publicity, it’s young people like Keidra and Trimel that should be celebrated. Our children have gone astray because of the words and images constantly before them. As adults, we seem to have thrown up our hands and given our next generation over to materialism, greed, selfishness and ignorance. When I meet young people like Keidra and Trimel, I am reminded that our future generations are blessed.

Initially, attendance for the gathering called for 6 pm, Friday, July 10 was sparse. With mainstream media out in force, surely there would be reports of apathy. But the people did come. Family, friends and strangers would join in prayer for the lives of the young ones who transitioned and for their killers. Calls for peace, love of self and love of community would be repeated but glaringly absent were elected officials, law enforcement representatives and other local community leaders and . If this epidemic is to be eradicated, all of us will be required to work together to make it happen.

Thank you Keidra and Trimel. You are a blessing to the community. Thank you for taking the lead in standing against violence.


Death in the City, Part 1

Michelle_Coleman Almost a month ago several people were injured and two three young people lost their lives in a shooting in Overtown. For a few days, there was an outcry by the community and coverage by the media. For a few days the friends, family and loved ones of Michelle Coleman (and her unborn child)  and Anthony Smith seemed to be in almost every local newspaper and on every local television.

Almost a month later and what? Now, surely, law enforcement is investigating the case and I know from personal experience that the legal process is rarely swift. Homicide cases are not neatly solved within an hour as we see on television or 90 minutes like some movie; the process is slow. Painfully slow; especially for the families of the deceased.Anthony_smith

Almost a month later, the police are working the investigation, but what are we doing as a community? Too many young people have died due to gun violence, what are we doing as a community? How do we prevent this from happening again?

How about starting with a loud, organized, unrelenting call for the restoration of the federal ban on assault weapons. Those weapons are used disproportionately in the murders of young people in our community. How many more of our children must die before we DO SOMETHING about it?

Saying Good-bye to Michael Jackson

Wow. Today is the day of the homegoing service of Michael Jackson. He was the King of Pop so they say. Or perhaps he was the king of many other great things.

Who is to say how, why or when we should depart from this earth; it is more important to live a full life in between. I don't know what little girl didn't think Michael was the cutest little thing when they made their debut on the Ed Sullivan show. They broke so many barriers as a group and Michael broke even more as an individual.

As I matured, Michael seemed sad at times. Much like truly gifted people, there is a loneliness and heaviness that is converted to beauty and shared with the rest of us through their creations. Michael's passion and compassion was not something many people will ever truly understand only benefit from. Rather than trying to understand Michael, the Jackson 5 or the Jackson Family and what may have transpired in their private lives, I choose to just be Blessed by him and them.

In his child-like manner, Michael taught us, even if it was briefly for some of us, to love one another. I know that may seem corny but it's true and it's what we need right now.

Michael Jackson changed the world for the better and for a bright shining moment we are one. Thank you, Michael.

Michael Jackson Memorial


Bishop Isaiah Williams, Jr. passes

Condolences to Dr. Gloria Williams and the rest of the Jesus People Ministries family on the passing of their leader, Bishop Isaiah Williams, Jr. Please keep them lifted in prayer. 

Click photo below for larger version.

Bishop Isaiah Williams' Celebration of Life 

A Change Has Come...Happy Birthday, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

From one of my other blogs-on the black hand side:

Obamanddrkingblack Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that the United States is undergoing a transformation, right now, as I write this. The spirit of unity, respect, inclusiveness and sacrifice will be needed to carry us through the difficult times still to come. The spirit that Barack Obama embodies and spread throughout the world is reminiscent of that of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is such an exciting time for this country and let me just say, black people, in particular. Barack Obama’s election brings about a sense of pride that is difficult to explain to others. For the first time in my life, black Americans appear to really be included in this country. I have never seen so many black people carrying an American flag who were not in the military or an athlete celebrating an Olympic victory. Now, I’m not trying to get into an argument with anyone because I think the Obama presidency will affect each of differently in some respects, depending upon our personal story, but it is what it is.

When Barack Hussein Obama raises his right hand to take the oath of office as president of the United States tomorrow, it will be because of the tremendous sacrifice and courage of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Of course, it goes without saying that Dr. King’s legendary status was earned because of the support, courage and sacrifice of many like-minded people of all races also.

On this spectacularly awesome celebration of the birth of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 2009, this historic celebration could only be the result of destiny…divine intervention…call it whatever you like.

 I’d like to think Dr. King would also like for us to move beyond the issue of black pride in our first black president and work for the betterment of this nation world. I’d like to think Dr. King would like for us to get more involved in our community consistently, not just on this Day of Service. He’d like for us to become more involved politically and in building our community and raising our next generations.

I’d like to believe that if he could speak to us today, Dr. King would say that he would like for us to be judged by the content of our character and not by our gender, sexual preference, socio-economic status or color of our skin. We are not quite there yet but we have made another step in that direction. Let’s keep on keeping on. Power to the People.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King!


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