The Miami Herald: Alvah Chapman Jr. dies

Posted on Thursday, Dec. 25, 2008

Miami civic force Alvah Chapman dies

Alvah H. Chapman Jr., third-generation newspaperman and former Miami Herald president/CEO -- one of South Florida's most influential corporate and civic leaders, whose business acumen and quiet passion helped mold not just the Herald, but modern Miami -- has died at 87.

Chapman spent a traditional family Christmas Eve at his Coconut Grove home, reading the Bible with his wife, Betty, their two daughters and several grandchildren, then succumbed to pneumonia on Christmas Day.

He was afflicted with Parkinson's disease, had suffered strokes in recent years, and broke a hip in March.


Remembering Eartha Kitt

Kitt I was shocked to learn that Ms. Eartha Kitt transitioned yesterday. Perhaps it was that purring or her physique that seemed to show no signs of age that made her seem immortal. Anyhoo, she will no longer be with us in the natural.

My parents recall her early days in show business but my fond memories of her are as Catwoman and Lady Eloise from Boomerang. Ms. Kitt lived a life of fabulousness and starred on stage and screen around the world. The New York Times has documented her story much better than I, so those who choose to know more of her background should definitely check that out.

Ms. Kitt only played in three episodes of the Batman television series but she is Catwoman so her portrayal is the most memorable, no offense to Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfeifer or any of the other ladies who played the part.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Eartha Kitt. You will be missed. Ashe’

Kitt catwoman


Four men perish in crash over Everglades

Our prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the fourmen killed in the 2-plane crash over the Everglades. All of the men involved appeared to love flying and the pilots were trained. It is a sad situation and one that reminds us to herish each moment with family and friends. Ashe'

Posted on Monday, Dec. 08, 2008


Fourth victim identified in Everglades plane crash


Worst fears became grim reality for the families of the four men involved in a mid-air collision in West Broward on Saturday, as rescue crews retrieved the crash victims'lifeless bodies from the Everglades.

Cloaked in body bags, the four men were loaded onto a gurney Monday, then into vehicles that took them to the Broward County Medical Examiner's Office.

Nearby, grieving loved ones wept as the bodies were taken away.



Pembroke Pines college student commits suicide live on webcam

It's shocking but not unique as one would think. Pembroke Pines teen, Abraham Biggs, Jr. died by an overdose of a combination of drugs. Biggs was despondent as he was watched and egged on by many on the site on

It is reported that some viewers on the site did not take Biggs seriously because he'd threatened suicide before. Others encouraged him not to. Hours passed before the site owner was contacted. He traced Biggs' location and notified police. When police arrived, Abraham Biggs, Jr. was dead.

Allegedly, Biggs had relationship issues. He was known to spend countless hours on the internet. This so sad.

Biggs, 19, was a student at Broward College where his father is a professor. His suicide note included an apology to his parents and acknowledgement of how they were good to him.

This situation generates so many questions. What could have been so serious in this young man's life to cause him to do that? How could people watch and participate in this tragedy for hours? Can criminal charges be files against the folks who egged him on?

Please pray for strength and Peace for the Biggs family and for the uplift of Abraham's soul. Ashe'.




Teen Suicide

Information From



Broward 211

Switchboard Miami

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Man killed in Pines post office shooting was off-duty DEA agent

Donald Pettit, an off-duty agent with the DEA, died from gunshot wounds. Pettit was involved in an argument with a man about a parking space. The shooter is described as a white male in his late 40's with bushy hair. Making this situation all the more tragic is the fact that Pettit's teen-age daughter will have to live with the vision of her dad's shooting.

DEA agent Donald Pettit

Shooting suspect

Anyone with information on the crime should call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS or online:

Our prayers to the families involved.


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North Miami Beach soldier killed in Iraq

Cpl. Marcus W. Preudhomme, 23, of North Miami Beach, was one of three Marines killed in Iraq yesterday. Also killed were Lt. Col. Max A. Galeai, 42, of Pago Pago, American Samoa, and Capt. Philip J. Dykeman, 38, of Brockport, N.Y., all of whom were based in Hawaii.

Peace and Blessings to all of their families.

Cab driver killed yesterday in North Miami

A cab driver was killed early Saturday morning in North Miami. The man has not been identified but he is black, believed to be in his 30s and of Haitian descent. His vehicle crashed on NE Fourth Avenue and 134th Street but he may have died from a gunshot wound. Robbery is likely the motive.

Remembering Tim Russert

Blogging Black Miami would be remiss in not recognizing the passing of political journalism legend Tim Russert last Friday. Russert died of an apparent heart attack and his death has sent shockwaves throughout the United States.


The impact and reach of his body of work as head of the production of NBC's Meet the Press, Russert has been universally characterized as tough but fair. With a historic presidential upon us in November, Russert will definitely be missed by not just celebrity politicians or his fellow journalists; he will be missed by everyday Americans who came to rely upon his show before forming their own opinions.


Our prayers go out to his family.


Miami-Dade Police Officer Wounded in Shoot-Out with Burglary Suspects; Teen-age Suspect Killed

The Associated Press

MIAMI -- A Miami-Dade County Police officer and a police dog are recovering after authorities say he was shot in a gunbattle trying to catch as many as three burglary suspects.

Police say 27-year-old officer David Carrero survived with bullets wounds to his legs. The unnamed police dog was also shot and taken to Hollywood Hospital. The animal's condition is unknown.

Authorities say 18-year-old Giovanni Thermidor was killed. His role in the incident is unclear.

Officers were responding to a burglary call at the North Miami-Dade home around 1 p.m. As they searched for the suspects, gunfire erupted.

The officer was shot multiple times, but police say he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day

On Jan. 17, 2004, Sgt. Edmond Randle of Miami Gardens became the first documented South Florida soldier to be killed by anti-US insurgents in Iraq.


Today is Memorial Day. It is the day we honor those that given their lives in military service to this country. It is not just a day off from work or school or a day to have a barbeque with family and friends; it is a day to celebrate men and women such as Sgt. Edmond L. Randle, Jr., also known as Dake.

The Miami Herald published a moving tribute to Dake in its Sunday, May 25, edition. It was painful to read of the heartache his mother Karla McKnight-Randle still copes with more than four years later. I recall sitting through Dake's funeral at Ebenezer Baptist Church, listening to the FAMU Band play and the moving tributes to him by friends.

I'd known Dake's parents from high school; his dad and I were classmates at Miami Central and later at Florida A&M. Dake followed in his dad's footsteps. Read the Herald article to learn about the kind of young man he was. The war in Iraq takes on a different meaning when you know a soldier that was killed.

We are still at war although Mr. President Bush proclaimed it ended several years ago. Like Dake, many other lives have been lost and are being lost in service to this country. Regardless of my personal perspective on any of the wars fought by this country, for all of the fallen heroes and those who survived, THANK YOU.


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