Could Miami Palmetto alum Ketanji Brown Jackson be the next Supreme Court Justice?

Shortly after the announced death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, prominent Republicans declared President Obama should not appoint anyone to the seat and promised to block any persons nominated. It is sad and expected that Republicans and Republican presidential candidates would respond with obstructionist tactics as conservatives would lose their majority on the Supreme Court.
President Obama announced he would fulfill his constitutional responsibility and fill the seat. Several names have been mentioned as possible replacements including current Attorney General Loretta Lynch. In my humble opinion, the next Justice should be a Black female as that demographic group is not currently represented on the Supreme Court. That female should be Ketanji Brown Jackson whose name has circulated on the highly respected SCOTUSblog.
Ketanji Brown Jackson is a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.  She was confirmed by without any Republican opposition in the Senate not once, but twice.  She was confirmed to her current position in 2013 by unanimous consent – that is, without any stated opposition.  She was also previously confirmed unanimously to a seat on the U.S. Sentencing Commission (where she became vice chair).
She is a young – but not too young (forty-five) – black woman.  Her credentials are impeccable.  She was a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College and cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School.  She clerked on the Supreme Court (for Justice Stephen Breyer) and had two other clerkships as well. As a lawyer before joining the Sentencing Commission, she had various jobs, including as a public defender.
Her family is impressive.  She is married to a surgeon and has two young daughters.  Her father is a retired lawyer and her mother a retired school principal.  Her brother was a police officer (in the unit that was the basis for the television show The Wire) and is now a law student, and she is related by marriage to Congressman (and Speaker of the House) Paul Ryan.
Jackson graduated from Miami Palmetto Senior in 1988. Her parents are former Miami-Dade County Public Schools School Board Attorney Johnny Brown and her mother, Ellery Brown, was principal of the prestigious New World School of the Arts.

According to SCOTUSblog publisher Tom Goldstein:
Judge Brown Jackson’s credentials would be even stronger if she were on the court of appeals rather than the district court and if she had been a judge for longer than three years. 
As a layperson, experience on the court of appeals rather than the district court is not significant. My lawyer friends might beg to differ. Goldstein goes on indicate that in these special circumstances, past precedent might not be followed.


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Word on the Street by Bunquisha Keylolo Brown


Residents allege a County Commissioner, who shall remain nameless, for now, has circumvented established procedure and overstepped an existing community board by reducing and reallocating funds for an existing and agreed upon project without consulting board members. The residents also allege said Commissioner will not meet with them and that official minutes have been falsified.


Concerned citizens in the black community want to know what City of Miami Police are going to do in the case of skateboarder Rene Betancourt who said he was attacked by black males when he actually ran into a wall while skateboarding in a parking garage.  

Some candidates for office in the upcoming Primary Election in August, are complaining that they have been excluded from participating in several local political forums. One candidate is threatening to sue.

Some FAMU alumni and faculty think Interim President Dr. Larry Robinson is an excellent choice to lead the University out of the current quagmire and on a permanent basis. He is described as progressive and forward-thinking. 



Word On the Street with Bunquisha Keylolo Brown

Blonde_afro Now, I ain’t one to gossip so you didn’t it from me but it seems that a certain school board candidate was recently overheard in the Panera Bread Company talking very loud about Dade schools superintendent Rudy Crew and dropping names of people who this candidate said support his campaign.

It seems that he thinks that Crew doesn’t ‘understand the educational needs of this community’. Ha! This candidate proceeded to say that he has the support of the Hispanics and he also dropped the name of the Gelbers on the Beach.

He went on to mention a certain billboard that “Feldman” didn’t want his name on. Hmmm….could that have been Larry Feldman, candidate for the District 9 school board seat? Whatever that was about; Feldman wanted no parts of it. All the foolishness may be revealed soon. In the meantime students test scores improved and Crew still keeps piling up awards and accolades.

Anyway, that’s all the gossip I have for you today. Please don’t engage in loud conversations in public no matter what you’re talking about.

South Florida FAMU Alumni Meet-up @ The Mahogany Grille

On Friday, May 30th, local alumni of Florida A&M gathered to mix and mingle at The Mahogany Grille in Miami Gardens. The atmosphere was smooth and light until things really got jumping with live entertainment.

The meet-up was co-ordinated by Cassandra Theramene, Charles Simms and Ron Butler of the Miami-Dade Chapter of the FAMU National Alumni Association. Some of the folks in the crowd were: Miami-Dade Chapter president Vanessa Byers; Miami-Dade Chapter VP Romania Wilson; Gold Coast Chapter President Lynette Wims; Joseph Wims; Mary Storr; Louise Berry; Charles Wright; Mayfred 'Long Sam' Felts; Oliver Gross, Sr.; Clydell Koon; Dr. Carrie Keys; Latoya Keys; Natasha Stubbs; LaShannon Petit; Jada Rauls; Gregg Higgs; Ryan Hawkins; Frederick Bryant; Sterlin Mesadieu; Dante' Fillyau; Azure-Dee Hazel; Jamie Pollock; Natacha Payen; Pamela Hill-Perry; Joy Oglesby; Ryan Welmaker; and Eric Johnson.

The Mahogany Grille is owned by FAMU alum, Andre Dawson and his brother, Vincent Brown.

Stay tuned for details on the next Rattler Meet-up. For more info and to be added to the mailing list: e-mail gofamu@miamidaderattlers.org.


Dwayne Wade says he and Star Jones are ‘just friends’

This is the famous Getty photo that has sparked the rumors of romance between Miami HEAT star Dwayne "Flash" Wade and Star Jones.

Wade has denied the rumors but continues to be teased by fellow hoop stars. It has been reported that Star frequently picked up Wade after HEAT practice and they have been seen in public together several times.

Wade says they're just good friends; why can't folks accept that and leave them alone? Surely they've been commiserating about their troubled marriages. Jones recently filed for divorce while Wade and wife have been separated for about a year.