Miami, Florida – Community Health of South Florida, Inc. (CHI) achieved gold status as a “Health Center Quality Leader,” a prestigious national award given by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). CHI received this award in recognition of ranking among the top 10% of health centers for best overall clinical performance.

“This award shows that we are making progress in reducing health disparities,” said Brodes H. Hartley Jr., President/CEO at CHI. “Our team managed to exceed national quality benchmarks and achieved top tier results providing greater access to high-quality care and we continue to address critical issues such as improvements in cancer reduction and the increasing need for behavioral health services in our community.”

HRSA awarded CHI based on a comparison of CHI’s clinical quality measures to more than 1,400 other health centers throughout the United States.

HRSA recognized CHI as one of the highest performing health centers nationwide linked to significant quality improvements from the previous years. CHI increased access to comprehensive care and made strides in pediatric immunizations, cervical cancer screening and coronary artery disease prevention.

Since 1971, CHI has been a beacon of hope providing access to high quality healthcare for all regardless of insurance status, income level or background. The non-profit federally qualified health center offers comprehensive healthcare services including primary care, pediatrics, OB/GYN, dental, urgent care, behavioral health, vision, radiology, pharmacy, transportation and more. CHI has 11 health centers and 35 school-based sites. CHI is a recipient of the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award. It is accredited by the Joint Commission and is also designated as a patient centered medical home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. CHI is also designated as a behavioral health medical home. In addition, CHI is home to the Brodes H. Hartley Jr., Teaching Health Center, providing residency training for the next generation of doctors in the specialties of Family medicine and Psychiatry. CHI recently broke ground on the first Children’s Crisis Center in southern Miami-Dade County this month. It will service kids with severe behavioral health problems from Monroe and Miami-Dade Counties.


Connecting the Dots: Rev. Timothy Drayton's Tale of Terror in South Dade and the Kidnapping of Danny Goldman in Surfside [VIDEO]

Rev. Timothy Drayton and Danny goldman
For almost fifty years, Rev. Timothy Drayton wanted to tell his story. He has lived with the guilt of unwittingly assisting corrupt police in the murder of Bobby Williams. Williams is but one of 23 connected deaths discovered by friends of Danny Goldman.


Please watch this video recorded statement of Rev. Timothy Drayton, made in July 2013. In the video he talks about what happened on August 5,1966 when Bobby Williams, 18, died in a hail of gunfire from police shotguns. 

Bobby Williams had no criminal record ... there was no gunpowder on his hands after the shooting ... newly uncovered forensic evidence on that fact casts a new spotlight on the truth ... and this video tells a story never before heard. 

Drayton’s chilling account of living in terror and the physical and psychological abuse residents were subjected to at the hands of corrupt authorities, is a story that must be told. 

Perhaps most disturbing of all is that this is not an isolated incident. It is a piece of the puzzle, one of many, that helps answer the two main questions about the kidnapping and murder of Surfside teenager Danny Goldman. See the records, information and videos at Be sure to read





West Perrine MLK Parade 2012

Mays Marching Band
It was a beautiful day for the Dr. Martin Luther King Parade in West Perrine on the morning of Saturday, January 14, 2012 in West Perrine. I always love that parade because it’s organized, spacious and the spectators are polite. There were rumors that the Parade had been cancelled this year so I was extra curious as to how it would turn out.   

Mr. Ed Hanna and the parade organizers should be proud. There were not as many spectators as usual but it was a nice, ethnically diverse crowd, representative of Dr. King’s fight for the civil rights of mankind. I’m always curious if the folks who attend or participate in the  parade really understand why we celebrate with a national holiday.

Anyway, the parents and other family members enjoy watching their children in the parade. The marching bands and auxiliary units looked exceptionally nice. Since my Dad was raised in the Perrine area, he gets a kick out of talking to childhood friends and neighbors. 

The King events also included a breakfast and a Battle of the Bands. My schedule didn’t allow me to attend this year but they are usually great events. It’s amazing how theses events are pulled off each year. It takes dedicated, committed people to make these events happen. I appreciate each and every person who played a part because the community needs events like these.

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The Mt. Calvary Community Development Center (CDC), Inc. is pleased to host its Re-Opening & Dedication Celebration.


Date: Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm (Ribbon Cutting @ Noon)

Place: 17500 SW 103 Avenue, Miami, FL  33157 (West Perrine).

Miami-Dade residents and children can come out and enjoy a tour the Computer Access Center, live entertainment provided by musical group “Anointed;” food and much more.

The Mt. Calvary CDC, Inc. is committed to serving as a local access point to facilitate literacy skill development, information technology skills enhancement, and inter-generational relationships that leads to improved self-development and an empowered life.


Justice for Akil Larue Oliver: "Losing a life over 7 cents don't make no sense." [VIDEO]

Mr. Willie Moseley fights for justice for his grandson, Akil Larue Oliver, who was beaten death.


“There comes a time when people get tired of being plunged into the abyss of exploitation and nagging injustice.”  ~Martin Luther King, Jr., Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story, 1958

After attending the Martin Luther King Parade in West Perrine on Saturday, January 15, 2011, I found myself at the site of the protest of the murder of Akil Larue Oliver. This was not a planned stop but one of those moments where I was not in control but was being led to do God’s will. Anyway, before I lose some of you on a spiritual tip, let me just say that it was encouraging to see this small but dedicated group of people continue this boycott in seeking justice for Akil Larue Oliver and economic justice for the people who have patronized the Quick Shop convenience store in Perrine.

It’s 2011 and I keep feeling as though there is a need to fight for basic rights just as my parents did in the 1960’s. There are many issues that need to be addressed surrounding this store, the activities that allegedly have taken place in the store and the brutal beating death of Akil Larue Oliver.

We will continue to ask questions about this situation and interview those involved in the protest and resolution of this situation. We’ll talk about respect, disrespect and self-respect. Nothing happens to one person that doesn’t impact someone else.

On this day that we celebrate the birth of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., let’s think on this:

“If you will protest courageously, and yet with dignity and Christian love, when the history books are written in future generations, the historians will have to pause and say, "There lived a great people - a black people - who injected new meaning and dignity into the veins of civilization."  This is our challenge and our overwhelming responsibility.”  ~Martin Luther King, Jr., address to Holt Street Baptist Church, 5 December 1955


Martin Luther King Parade in West Perrine [PHOTOS]

Here are photos of yesterday's 21st Annual West Perrine CDC Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade. The weather was beautiful and people from throughout South Florida attended.

Some of the local community leaders participating in the parade were State Rep. Dwight Bullard; County Commissioner Dennis Moss; School Board Member Dr. Larry Feldman and Bethune-Cookman University Board of Trustees Chair Atty. Larry Handfield.

Local high school marching bands featured in the parade included American; Miami Carol City; Miami Northwestern; Miami Palmetto and Miramar. Local businesses including H&R Block and the Plaza Medical Center gave away souvenirs. The parade had a really cool, laid back, family reunion atmosphere. Hats off to Ed Hanna and his team for pulling together another wonderful community event.


Ragheb and Nabil Sulaiman, Clerks Who Killed Akil Oliver With a Crowbar, Have First Day In Court Postponed

Perrine residents continue their protest of the Quick Stop convenience store where Akil Oliver was beaten to death while the court date for the Sulaiman brothers who attacked him was postponed.

   Ragheb and Nabil Sulaiman 

From the Miami New Times:

Ragheb and Nabil Sulaiman -- the Perrine clerks who sparked a national furor and a local boycott after allegedly beating a customer to death ago over an argument about a few cents change -- will have to wait another few weeks for their first day in court.

Read the entire story at the Miami New Times.