Miami Northwestern Celebrates 60 Years

Congratulations to the Miami Northwestern Bulls Family on celebrating 60 years. They started in a mighty way on August 9 with Miami Northwestern Sunday at New Birth Baptist Cathedral of Faith International. Other activities included alumni, some from the Class of 1956, gathering at the school to kick off the first day of school to instill a sense of history and to encourage students to have a successful school year.



 Sunday, 8/9/15 - Miami Northwestern Sunday @ New Birth

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Are you ready for some HBCU football?

It's that time of year again and if it's HBCU football time then it's time for trash-talking and bragging rights. While the winner of the game is determined by the final score, the half-time competition between marching bands is a serious matter. Check out this video of one of Ricky Smiley's most hilarious comedy routines.


To help you get your travel plans in order, check out HBCU Buzz for the list of this year's Homecoming games. I'll save some of you the trouble, FAMU's Homecoming game is October 17 and BCU is October 24. Who are their opponents? It doesn't matter, it's Homecoming! 

Check out page 59 of the September 2015 issue of Ebony magazine for tips on attending your college's Homecoming. The print and digital versions of the magazine feature a picture of a Florida A&M University Marching 100 drummer. Get the HBCU Homecoming spirit!

Ebony Magazine September 2015
FAMU Drummer






‘OITNB’ Star Uzo Aduba: State Of U.S. Race Relations Creates ‘Opportunity To Stand On The Right Side Of History’

Orange Is The New Black” star Uzo Aduba, also known as her character Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, joined HuffPost Live and commented on the current state of race relations in the U.S.

Aduba: “We’re living in a time right now where the challenging and the hard conversation needs to be had. We’re watching the country, the face of this country and the ideas of this country, change and move into a place where we have the opportunity to stand on the right side of history. And I think people are wanting to be made part of the conversation that is our American history. And I feel that it is our responsibility as human beings and members of the human family to use our voice to ignite that change. I do think that is important. I think we are living in a very fragile time where we have the opportunity to be the people we say we are. Not just stand by and watch anything and everything happen in ways that will be disastrous for our future.”




Back to School Video for Your Mind, Body and Spirit! Before the Bell Rings.

Just in time for school. Parents, friends, family and folks I don't even know: Do check out this video by a poet from the Houston, TX area who goes by the name, SE7EN. Take it all in and do share this message. TOGETHER, we can do things and believe me, other folks know that! Peace. 

BEFORE THE BELL RINGS FINAL from marlon hall on Vimeo.

 Have an awesome, safe and productive school year. Remember that applied knowledge is power.




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Official Website of Se7en the Poet



Police officer accused of making porn movies while serving as a cop

Police car lights

Channel 10's Bob Norman reported on City of Miami police officer Sabine Raymonvil who is the subject of an internal investigation for performing in porn movies while serving as a cop. After dodging Norman, Officer Raymonvil contacted him and said she would answer his questions after the investigations were concluded.

In dispute is the timing of Raymonvil's involvement in porn movies. She indicates the movies were made before she became a police officer. The person(s) who disclosed her porn past, said her involvement in porn continued years after she became a police officer.  

In the clips submitted to Norman, Raymonvil is shown performing sex acts with Emerson Callum, a pornographer and porn star known as "Jah-T" who is serving a life sentence in federal prison after being convicted of drugging and raping women who auditioned for his company. Former Miami Beach police officer, Lavont Flanders, Callum's partner and cameraman was also convicted in that case. Flanders was also a City of Opa-Locka police officer. The stories of the women violated by these two men are quite disgusting.

No doubt Raymonvil, who must be humiliated and angry, did not think her porn past would ever be disclosed in such a public manner. She might have family, even children, who will be forced to deal with the aftermath. She must have ticked off a friend who chose to send the video and information to the media. Raymonvil might be penalized with suspension from her job or she could be terminated.

So, Blogging Black Miami readers...what do You think about this situation? Some readers on the Channel 10 site think Officer Raymonvil should not be bothered with this if she is performing police duties satisfactorily. Others think what she did before becoming a police officer shouldn't matter if her actions were not illegal. What say you?


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Post-racial Miami: Black federal judge mistaken for "the Help" by white political candidate

Judge Marcia Cooke and Ken Eskin
Judge Marcia Cooke was mistaken for the help by Ken Eskin, Bay Harbor Islands Town Council candidate.


“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.” 

― Dale CarnegieHow to Win Friends and Influence People

Surely Bay Harbor Islands Town Council candidate Ken Eskin wishes he’d never ever uttered the words “What family do you work for?” when he encountered Marcia Cooke in the condo parking lot, as she placed items in her car and he distributed campaign materials. Eskin, who is white, assumed Cooke, who is black, was the help. Cooke has lived in the area for twenty years and has been a federal judge for 11 years. 

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Eskin said he sent Cooke a note of apology. He went on to say that the mistake was not racially motivated. Wrong again, Mr. Eskin, it was. He assumed…pre-judged… that Cooke, although dressed in corporate attire, was a maid. It didn’t dawn on him that she could be a resident or that she could be a professional woman. Shades of Levi Pettit, that was racist. The fact that Eskin doesn’t get that is…well…very unfortunate. 

Our perspectives, as individuals, are shaped because of our experiences…our family upbringing…etc. If we are honest, we have to deal with our personal shortcomings from time to time. Instead of pretending to be perfect, sometimes we just need to start with being real. 

Surely, Judge Cooke was caught off guard. Instead of driving away from Eskin, she could have used the situation as a teachable moment with him. One is rarely prepared for such situations unless they’ve already had a similar experience. Before he became president, Barack Obama  was mistaken for a valet. If Ken Eskin didn’t recognize the racism in the incident with Judge Cooke, perhaps someone else will and their perspective of Blacks and other minorities will change because of her racial profiling experience.


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Another day…another shooting?

Another young man is dead after a shooting in Miami yesterday. There was another shooting today. This is pure madness in so many ways but this problem can be solved. Perhaps those really in control feel certain people are expendable so just let them destroy themselves. Think about it.

It's really sad but the violence in our community is partly the result of budget cuts to programs that helped our children and families. Too many of us remained silent as the cuts were made. We didn't really advocate for those programs to our elected officials. We didn't really hold folks accountable who were responsible for administering academic, cultural and social programs in our community. We sat back and watched funding shifted to various projects and then quietly accepted our leaders excuse of inadequate funding when it comes to education and educational programs. So two or three generations later, we now co-exist with undereducated hopeless people with little respect for life ---- theirs or anyone else's. It's sad that many of the victims and perpetrators of violence don't understand their role as pawns in this game of greed and power.

Don't contribute to your own demise:

Stop the Violence

Increase the Peace

Know Your History

THINK for Yourself

DO for Yourself

Stand Up

"I never ever ran from the Ku Klux Klan and I shouldn't have to run from a black man." - Kool Moe Dee

(This video was released in 1989 by a coalition of East Coast rap stars. Twenty-six years later, the message is the same.)

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Did you know that Teddy Pendergrass recorded a song for Kwanzaa? [VIDEO]


The song Happy Kwanzaa is included on Teddy Pendergrass's "This Christmas" album which was released in 2001. It's such a great song --- great lyrics...tight beat...various music styles. Check it out. Share. Live the Principles of Kwanzaa.

See you at the MARY WILLIAMS WOODARD LEGACY KWANZAA CELEBRATION, Saturday, December 27, 2014, 4pm at the African Heritiage Cultural Arts Center, 6161 NW 22nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33142. The event is free and open to the public. A donation of new books or new, unwrapped educational toys for children would be greatly appreciated. For more information, text or call (786) 294-5013.




Kwanzaa: To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate [VIDEO]



Kwanzaa is the seven-day celebration designed to unite and uplift Black people in America. Kwanzaa is based on the Nguzo Saba or Seven Principles: Unity (Umoja); Self-determination (Kujichagulia); Collective Work and Responsibility (Ujima); Cooperative Economics (Ujamaa); Purpose (Nia); Creativity (Kuumba); and Faith (Imani). 

Family and friends gather each day and celebrate each of the principles. A candle representing each principle is lit each day and is celebrated through cultural expression by attendees. On the last day of Kwanzaa, the celebration includes a feast (Karamu) of various foods. In its pure form among family and very close friends, the feast is a potluck dinner.

Kwanzaa was first celebrated in 1966. It is not a religious or political holiday. Kwanzaa is not anti-Christmas or a substitute for Christmas although some folk would have you think so. Elders and children are an important part of Kwanzaa. The elders are treated with respect and reverence and children, who represent the future. Gifts are exchanged during Kwanzaa but should not be presented if they result in undue financial hardship. Handcrafted gifts and educational toys are encouraged. 

If you want to know more about Kwanzaa (and there is more to know), bring family and friends to the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center at 4pm on Saturday, December 27, 2014 for the 25th Annual Mary Williams Woodard Legacy Kwanzaa Celebration. The Center is located at 6161 NW 22nd Avenue, Miami, FL. For more information call or text (786) 294-5013.